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What is a Bishop?

As the Diocese of Utah undergoes the process of seeking and electing our 12th Bishop of Utah (election scheduled for the Diocesan Convention in the spring of 2021), some members of the diocese may wonder, “What is a Bishop?” The

Standing Committee Offers Update on Bishop Search

An Update from the Standing Committee

Since the announcement of Bishop Hayashi’s resignation/retirement, the Standing Committee has been meeting regularly to build the necessary foundation to launch a bishop search and transition process and to lay the groundwork for calling …

Submit a Nomination for the Bishop Search Committee

Thank you to all who submitted nominations for lay leaders and clergy to serve on the Search Committee. The deadline for submissions has passed.

Bishop Hayashi Offers Summer Message

In his summer message, Bishop Scott B. Hayashi encourages rest, reflection and relaxation as well as continued attendance at church. He also asks for prayers for those affected by unusual spring weather such as flooding and tornadoes.


Cuba Welcomed Back into The Episcopal Church as a Diocese

The Episcopal Church’s Houses of Bishops and Deputies voted unanimously to re-admit The Episcopal Church of Cuba as a diocese of the Episcopal Church. The Diocese of Cuba will become part of Province II.

The houses passed resolution A238 which …

United Thank Offering Approves Grant for Sudanese Congregation

During General Convention, the United Thank Offering announced approved grants.

The Sudanese congregation at All Saints has been awarded $18,000 for a much-needed van. The van will provide transportation for those who need it. It serves our treasured and vibrant …

Bishop Scott B. Hayashi Elected to Executive Council

The Rt. Rev. Scott Hayashi has been elected to The Episcopal Church Executive Council. The EC serves to govern The Episcopal Church by carrying out resolutions and actions passed in General Convention. This is an honor for the Bishop and …