Employment Opportunities

Careers at Tuttle are a fantastic opportunity to learn best practices for working with youth and facilitate stellar outdoor learning experiences to all aages

At Camp Tuttle, we embrace staff and participants from a variety of backgrounds – celebrating the diversity of Creation through our participant’s experiences of age, ability, race, language, sexual orientation, and gender backgrounds. 

We strive to create a fully inclusive culture and environment that values equality and fosters respect for all people. We understand Christian spirituality as a shared journey from which no one should be excluded. In alignment with our values, vision, and mission, Camp Tuttle welcomes all people as guests and full participants in all our programs.

We are committed to ensuring connection and inclusion among participants, staff, and administrators by adhering to loving accountability practices. We acknowledge that the pursuit toward justice is an ongoing learning process and that we always have room to grow and extend our hospitality.

Applications for 2024 summer employment open January 1, 2024. Read the job descriptions below to see which role is the best fit and start your application today!

Roles at Camp Tuttle

Counselor in training (CIT)

This role is open to rising high school sophomores & juniors who love kids, love being outside, and are ready to take on some responsibility in a safe and fun workplace.

Who should be a CIT?

Have you been to camp before and always dreamt about working alongside your favorite counselor? If you love spending your days outside, playing, and adventuring, CIT-ship could be for you!

Our counselor-in-training program offers a great way for you to evolve your relationship with Camp Tuttle and help deliver the experience you fell in love with to a new generation of campers.

Most importantly, aspiring CITs should love being around kids! Maybe you have younger siblings or cousins that you just love spending time with, and you’re looking for an opportunity to explore your love of working with kids. Come spend the summer at Camp Tuttle enriching the lives of young campers in our community!

Rising sophomores and juniors who may be too young for a part time or full time position at workplaces in their neighborhood should consider becoming a CIT.

Gain new skills and experiences while also making a little extra money!

You will get the chance to lead and mentor young campers while also being mentored by an experienced member of our staff.

Leave camp next summer feeling prepared to set and meet goals, give and receive feedback, and excel at a job back home!

Junior Counselor

A junior counselor is either a rising high school senior or recent high school graduate with some camp experience and will gain experience assisting in planning and facilitating camp activities through this role.

Who should be a Junior Counselor?

Rising seniors in high school or recent high school graduates with some camp experience should apply for this position.

Junior counselors are responsible for assisting in the planning and facilitation of many camp activities.

Let’s put your experience to work while also digging deeper to learn and acquire new skills that will help you in your transition to the workforce or a college/university.

Junior counselors should be ready to hone their leadership skills, be ready to speak in front of large groups, give and receive feedback, and learn to communicate effectively to their mentors and support staff.

Junior counselors should come to camp prepared to learn more about their passions and how to run specialized activities.

Junior counselors are supervised and work closely with senior counselors and staff to gain skills while also building and sustaining deep connections with campers.

Junior counselors find themselves in the “middle” of managing the responsibilities of having camp experience; being role models for new CITs, while also being mentored by senior counselors and staff.

Find out more about yourself and learn how we are always seeking professional and personal development at Camp Tuttle!

Senior Counselor

This role is for +18 year olds with +2 years of camp experience who will work as mentors for new and less experienced staff. Senior counselors may be interested in studying or working in education, counseling, outdoor recreation, or other related fields.

Who should be a Senior Counselor?

Senior counselors hold the responsibility of managing and supervising the majority of Tuttle’s day-to-day activities including supervision of a cabin of younger counselors and campers.

This includes weekly check-ins that should involve the practice of giving and receiving constructive feedback.

A large portion of programming takes place on our challenge course and high ropes course.

Senior staff should be well-versed in challenge course facilitation and debriefing.

Belay certification and experience is welcomed in this position.

Knowledge of the setup and breakdown of various challenge course elements is also essential. 

Bring your notebook and a pencil! Your responsibility as a senior counselor will be to help plan for many camp activities; large group games, camper choices, and adventure group programming.

Work with staff members to effectively hear the voices of your planning group while also creating a plan efficiently.

Carry out your plan by delegating tasks and attending to safety at all times.

18+ year olds with two or more years of camp experience will work as mentors and leaders for new and less experienced staff.

Senior counselors may be interested in studying or working in the fields of education, counseling, outdoor recreation, or other related fields.

    A Quick Note on Compensation:

Salaries at Camp Tuttle are dependent on the number of working weeks, age, and experience. Contact the Camp Tuttle Director for more information about salaries.