Camp Information

Camp Tuttle is an outdoor ministry of the Episcopal Church of Utah.

Nestled at the top of Big Cottonwood Canyon near Brighton, Camp Tuttle offers overnight summer camps for children entering grades 3-12.

Camp Tuttle offers overnight summer camps for children, as well as family camps!

Inclusion and acceptance are a key at Camp Tuttle, and children of all religious backgrounds are encouraged to come join in the fun

What to Bring

All required forms are on our new software program! Only fill these forms out by special request by camp staff

Camp Activities

Camp Tuttle offers a ropes course that promotes teamwork, creative thinking and trust. With a wide variety of low events and some exciting high events, the Camp Tuttle ropes course can accommodate people and groups of all ages and abilities!

In addition to enjoying our great ropes course, and beautiful hiking trails, the campers get a change to participate in choice time.

Campers choose from a wide range of activities such as:


  • Basketball 
  • Foosball 
  • Bread making 
  • Mountain biking 
  • Theater 
  • Fencing 
  • Yoga 
  • Frisbee golf 
  • Arts and crafts 
  • Rock climbing 
  • Nuk’em 
  • and more


Evenings at camp offer time for the whole camp to come together to enjoy talent shows, music, campfires, counselor hunt and other fun group games.
An evening prayer service is a great close to each day!
The camp community shares in services filled with great friends and fun music.
Services are led by Episcopal priests from all around Utah and beyond!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the Covid-19 restrictions and what precautions are taken at Camp Tuttle?

Our camps and cabins will be operating at half occupancy and we will be maintaining social distancing when and where possible. We plan to spend lots of our time outside playing and eating (when weather permits). In cases when we are inside and cannot maintain distance, masks will be required. We will be following the CDC guidelines.

Will Campers and Staff be required to be vaccinated for Covid-19?

Staff will be fully vaccinated, but campers are not required to be vaccinated for Covid-19.

What is Evening Program?

Each evening all the campers and staff gather together for great group fun! Activities can include a bird show presented by the Ogden Nature Center, camp wide capture the flag, life-size Clue mysteries, talent shows, Eucharist, counselor hunt, and more! The activities used each week are based on time availability and the age of the campers. Come back year after year to experience them all!

What is chapel time like?

People of all religious backgrounds are welcome at Camp Tuttle. We embrace spirituality through the creation of an accepting community. We have chapel time each evening to help connect with one another, nature and God. Chapel time typically lasts a half an hour. During this time we sing fun songs together and participate with the priest of the week while they conduct a short activity or prayer relating to our camp theme, “Creating Community.” Many children from varying faith backgrounds have commented that the chapel is a peaceful place where they can calm down after a busy day!

We do have one evening Eucharist service during the week long camps. This chapel time typically lasts an hour. The children are invited to take communion as they feel comfortable. We do not require the campers to take communion, but rather we encourage them to find what they enjoy about the service.

What is Cabin Time?

It is very important for each camper to feel a part of a cabin community! To help each camper feel at home in their cabin and amongst their cabin-mates, we set aside an hour of cabin time each afternoon. During this time, each cabin group chooses to do an activity. This can include going on a nature walk, dancing, playing a group game, playing basketball or volleyball, or just having time to joke and talk with one another. The cabin counselors ensure that all campers are included in a meaningful way to help with community building.

What are Program Groups?

Campers participate in the ropes course with their program group, which allows the group to unite through team-building activities. Campers also perform morning detail (cleaning) duties with their groups. Each group is assigned two counselors. Program groups offer a great environment for building confidence and new friendships! Campers also have ample time to interact outside of their program groups with the wider camp community.

What is the ropes course?

The ropes course is a collection of challenging, team-building events and activities. We have a variety of ropes course events that challenge groups both mentally and physically. Prior to starting the ropes course, we explain that the 3 R’s (Respect, Responsibility, and Recreation) are practiced on the course. Challenge by choice is also explained. It is important to us that we respect our camper’s right to choose to participate at a level they feel comfortable with. All campers are involved in all of our events, but they are in control of their participation level.

All campers participate in the low ropes course. Our older campers also get to do our high ropes course! We have a few different high ropes venues which include walking on a wire fifty feet in the air! All campers are of course on belay (with a harness and rope) during these events. Safety is our main priority at Camp Tuttle.

What is rest time?

Camp is very busy! We hit the ground running from wake-up to lights-out. To help ensure that all of our campers are well rested, we have an hour of rest time set aside each day. During this hour, campers are free to takes naps, read, write letters to home, etc. This is small part of the day that we encourage our campers to take a break from socialization and play. We find that the more rested a camper is, the better their time at camp will be!

What is Choice Time?

We understand that every child is unique, and that campers vary in what they love to do. For that reason, we enjoy allowing our campers to pick out certain activities in which they would like to participate. On choice time days, the campers choose two to four activities. Choices include activities such as basketball, disc golf, arts and crafts, theatre, group games, tennis, bread making, volleyball, yoga, fishing, rock climbing, mountain biking, and more! Have an idea for a choice time activity? Let us know! We love offering as many choices as possible.