Cuba Welcomed Back into The Episcopal Church as a Diocese

The Episcopal Church’s Houses of Bishops and Deputies voted unanimously to re-admit The Episcopal Church of Cuba as a diocese of the Episcopal Church. The Diocese of Cuba will become part of Province II.

The houses passed resolution A238 which reversed the 1966 removal of Cuba from the General Convention. For more information on resolution A238 please click here.

Bishop Hayashi served as secretary of the legislative committee that offered the recommendation of adoption. He said it was simply time to do the right thing and welcome Cuba. He says there is an unbelievable spirit of faith and excitement within the congregations of Cuba.

Bishop Hayashi and a dozen other bishops visited Cuba in 2015 to lay the groundwork for this momentous occasion. Diocesan Communications Director Craig Wirth accompanied the group and produced this video to show their experiences and give a first look at Cuba after the country had been closed to US travelers for almost five decades.

Photo: Bishop of Cuba, The Rt. Rev. Griselda Delgado del Carpio, after the unanimous decision was made.

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