Search/Nominating Committee #6 | Mike Mitchell

This is another in a series of communications from the Nominating/Search Committee. The articles are designed to inform and educate the Diocese about the search process. This is from committee member Mike Mitchell, from St. James’ Episcopal Church in Midvale.
To better understand the cultural landscape of the Episcopal Diocese of Utah the Nominating/Search Committee has contracted with Holy Cow Consulting to conduct a Diocesan wide survey. Holy Cow has conducted more than a dozen surveys nationally for the search for Episcopal Bishops. They also distributed the survey to the diocese for our last bishop search (for Bishop Hayashi). Before COVID-19 and the suspension of church services, the survey was ready for distribution to all Parishes within the Diocese.
As we search for a Bishop, it’s important to gather as much information from a many individual as possible. What do you think we should seek in a bishop? The characteristics you identify as vital to leading our Diocese will guide our discernment process. All congregants and clergy within our Diocese are invited to complete the survey.
Some of the headings of the survey will ask to define your role. Example a lay person, clergy, vestry member etc. What are your perspectives. Does the Diocese make available policies and procedures that are helpful in the day to day operations of the church? Your views about the future. You’re feeling about the ministries, goals. How much change you feel is required and the characteristics of our next Bishop. For the most part the questions asked are multiple choice will take 15-20 minutes to complete the survey.
The survey will guide the Nominating/Search Committee in its search for our next Bishop and also help define what we seek in our next Bishop in the Diocese Profile.
When the survey is distributed to all Parishes, we encourage you to participate and take an active role in completing it. Your voice will guide us in our search.
Peace and Blessings,
Mike Mitchell

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