Update from Nominating Committee | Mike Mitchell

At a time of crisis good leadership is crucial, and we in the Diocese of Utah are blessed by clergy leaders.  One of the Nominating/Search Committees priorities was to gain the input of our clergy leading congregations, who were contacted by Rev. Michael Carney (Chair Nomination/Search Committee and Fr. Christopher Szarke (Committee member Nomination/Search Committee).

I’m going to take some liberties in paraphrasing an email sent by Rev. Carney to the Standing Committee, Transition Committee and Nominating/Search Committee in their findings of these interviews.  They reached every person and both Rev. Carney and Fr. Christopher found the experience wonderful.  The word to describe their calls was gratitude for what they both heard and felt.   They both felt that if the calls were any indictor of the state of the diocese, it’s very positive.    They did hear concerns about the future impact of the coronavirus on our communities and diocese, but there was comfort in knowing how closely we’re connected.

This small part of the search process has made it clear how much healing has taken place in recent years and what an exciting opportunity this will be for whoever becomes our new bishop.

Now a word on the Nominating/Search Committee’s status.  Without knowing the unknown, our survey of the Diocese will be delayed for now in order to focus on these more immediate concerns.  We’ll be meeting soon to reassess the situation, and as appropriate we will make new plans. In the meantime, stay healthy and stay safe.  May the Lord be with you and your loved ones.


Peace and Blessings,

Mike Mitchell


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