Bishop Search Article and Update from Mike Mitchell

We want to hear from you.  The Nominating/Search Committee, under the direction of Sub-Committee Chair Bill Downes, has commissioned Holy Cow to conduct a Diocese wide survey.  Holy Cow is a well-respected Management Consulting Company that has worked with 42 other Diocese in their Bishop search.  The start date of the survey is March 19 through April 14.  Holy Cow will provide each Parish within the Diocese a link for you to access the survey.  The survey should only take 15-20 minutes to complete.   We would like to request that each Parish publicize the link within their newsletter and or Sunday announcements at least weekly.  In addition, we will have hard copies of the survey that we can provide to parishioners as well.

Rev. Michael Carney (Chair, Nominating/Search Committee) and Fr Christopher Szarke (Committee Member, Nominating/Search Committee) will reach out to clergy within the Diocese who have Parishes and explain to them the importance of the survey and importance of enrolling their congregations in responding to the survey.

The survey is critical in our calling of our next Bishop.  It will also give the Nominating/Search Committee and Profile Committee a view in how you see the Diocese and the hopes, values and vision you think our next Bishop should bring.  As an example, Bishop Hayashi has been a strong advocate for social justice and has built strong relationships with other religious leaders within our Diocese.  This is a legacy that could be built on in the future.


Peace and Blessings,

Mike Mitchell

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