Church and State Podcast Series Debuts

Politics has become a main dinner table topic as well as the dominant feature of the news. It has also become a case of “church and state” type discussions in our diocesan convention resolutions and our General Convention.
Social justice advocacy was a requirement stated in our Bishop search that elected The Rt. Rev. Scott B. Hayashi. Few seem to know that our church has lobbyists on Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. who are dedicated to advocating for General Convention resolutions about poverty, immigration, equality, and dozens of other topics. The Episcopal Church’s Office of Government Regulations also assists congregations and dioceses about advocacy strategies and organization. Bishop Hayashi, who frequently advocates for social justice issues, wants all to know of this important ministry and well-respected presence in Washington D.C., especially as politics and social issues have become part of daily life in this political time.
Tune into our special podcast series about the ministry of social justice – your church’s voice in Washington. The first episode in the series features Rebecca Linder Blachly, Director of The Episcopal Church Office of Government Relations. Listen here:

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